home for the holidays *still no titles!*

So our flight to the US was not too bad. When we landed in LA, the various newbies on the plane kept jumping up to get their stuff before we were even out of the taxi lane. The stewardess finally screamed from her seat, “For Christ sake people, SIT DOWN!” It made the trip worth it. Got randomly stopped by customs. I mean really do I look that suspicious? It is LA you know.

Please check the Travel page for the low down on our trip to the US. For those of you who are interested send me an e-mail reminding me to tell you about the party in the castle this weekend. It isn’t the sort of stuff I can just post anywhere, but it is worth asking about.

Bad news about the hair. It has faded to a sort of light pink/yellow. Yuck. Got to talk to the boys about maintenance and longevity.

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