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A quick update

So, I didn’t move to Philadelphia last October as I planned. I had a job, but could not sell my condo. But now I have sold it. I start a job with Temple University Hospital 6/5. I am also buying a new condo. Here is the MLS link: 1238 Callowhill St #808

I want to change the spiral staircase to a staircase with a slide. The do exist. I googled them. I just think it will be easier and less scary to slide down than walk down. It will depend on the space. I’ll keep you posted. (And cannot possibly afford one. Consulted some handy friends on making it. Complicated).

I will be on the Heart Failure floor at Temple University Hospital. LVADS and the whole nine-yards. I am perfecting reading EKG strips like a Cardiologist!

Gandalf has not been excited about all these changes (Did y’all know Snape went to live with my friend Fred’s mom? They are very happy together. Though, it appears Snape likes Susan’s neighbor Richard the most). First I remove a bunch of things from our home. Then I repaint everything white and remove virtually everything! She basically sits on top of me all the time. Makes me think she was abandoned, not born on the streets. But she is definitely coming with me. I decided that one plane ride was going to be easier than 4 days in the car. Getting her some drugs. We will see. I think she will really like my new place as she’ll have lots of things to run on (see photos in link above).

My friend Kimberly took an awesome picture of me while we were wondering around Unusual Objects a few week ago.

In February we had an ice storm. Not as bad as the Snowpocolpse in Feb 2021. People were without power longer (I was fine). But, there was ice on the road. And I don’t drive on ice. The hospital offered to pay for Lyft drivers. Seriously? Unless that Lyft driver shows me their Winconsin drivers license because they only moved to Austin two weeks ago, I AM NOT GOING TO FEEL ANYMORE SAFE THAN IF I WERE DRIVING! So, I slept at the hospital for 2 days. My coworkers were amused by me Leopard onesey.

I took my my morning shower in the VIP room!

Speaking of nursing…I had to wear the light blue scrubs of shame twice in the last month. What are those you ask? Those are the surgical scrubs you have to change into when you get an unpleasant patient body fluid on you (or anyone else really, though it is normally a patient’s body fluids). The time in the photograph it was poop. The next time it was urine. Sigh.

(Pretty cute nurse though, right?)

Sorry it has been like a year since I posted. All sorts of weird life decisions and changes. I am gong to miss my friend’s in Austin VERY, VERY MUCH. But most of them are planning their exit from Austin (and certainly Texas, as well). I just cannot do our governor (Oh sure, more and more people (and kids) being shot in public isn’t about guns, it is about mental health. Oh wait, did’t you gut the mental health budget a couple of years ago? Say something to the effect that it was people just not being responsible?) and the heat. Global warming is real. And Texas is getting unbearable. So! Philadelphia has seasons, and bands, and bullet trains to NYC and history. Please feel free to come visit! Maybe my spiral staircase/slide will be set-up already!