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huh. I totally had something breathtaking I wanted to post.

but, as usual, I cannot remember what it is. getting old bites.

let’s start with the photos then.

went to the Edgar Allen Poe reading, as read by The Dead Edgar, at The Glass Coffin this weekend. my outfit was inspired if I do say so myself.

The Dead Edgar reading one of his most morose and lugubrious romantic poems.

it is, as though, any moment now the Absinthe will arrive.

as I await my fate with Nosferatu as my guide,
I pride myself on my sense of fashion. this young Lolita’s outfit took my breath away.

I love to visit cemeteries. I love old mausoleums and headstones and vaults. I have been to Pere Lachaise numerous times. I have been to cemeteries in Hungary and The Czech Republic. but never Highgate cemetery in London. why? why did Patrick and I never visit Highgate?! so many amazing members of humanity’s history are buried there. Michael Faraday is buried there! (I will rectify this error as soon as there is a break in the resurgent variants).

I have started to sing this to myself when I was my hands at work…

guess who got a onesie! cuddle party!

Joey is going to have an event at The Glass Coffin called “People Reading Naked”. it is as it sounds, people who ARE naked will read to people who are NOT naked. I have found a “Little Edgar” Edgar Allen Poe children’s book to read. it tells the story of Nevermore with text kids can understand and the original text (abbreviated) as well.