i just can’t

i haven’t listened to a full NPR show or looked at my feed on FB since RBG died. I just cannot listen to the rhetoric on either side. I skim through the Washington Post and NYT too. I saw that the debates were horrible. I do not know why anyone would be surprised. it is just a horrible place right now. and, while i am not afraid that the secret service would allow trump to stay in the white house if he lost, i am afraid of stupid asshole conspiracy theorists take up arms. trump basically ask the to last night (couldn’t avoid that sound bite).

so, i have all sorts of pictures of random life things i normally post on FB sitting around on my computer. so i plan to post them here.

susan and i are going ghost hunting in galveston today. i am nervous about going out in public so much. but i agree we need to get out of town for a little bit. for the record, susan believes in ghosts and i like hanging out with susan. i will report back!

susan, christie and i have been to a lot of cemeteries lately. i plan to do an entire post dedicated to that. i need to edit the photos first.

my new bathroom vanity should be here soon. I have been watching videos on how to redo a tile floor. everyone says i can do it, but i am starting to get really nervous. if it were just a rectangle, i would feel ok. but i have a closet in there so would have to measure the unique corders and cut the tile to fit. i draw HORRIBLY because of my eyesight. i just don’t want it to look horrible or end up and unfinished project. i am going to get some quotes regarding having someone tile it for me. if someone else did the measuring and cutting, i could totally do the labor. i am comfortable with making sure it is flat.

ok, so, here we go:

finally go too use my skeleton spoons. this is me mixing my magic coffee. it really is called magic coffee. and i make it myself at home.
find the cats!
first time in my life i wish i’d had a selfie stick. then you could see how we were all on the chair together! (they didn’t even fight until after they got off the chair)
i have heard about headstones that said this. i have seen photos. i saw this one IN PERSON!
my favorite time of the year! HEB has their Dia de los Muertos product in!
my favorite meme ever. there are SO many permutations of this meme!
i dunno, somehow i feel all cool and adult because i have taken to drinking root beer in distinctly beer looking bottles. delicious too.
just me looking cute on a night out. obviously, before the pandemic.
and, lastly, the problem with living in a condo. just doesn’t have the same effect.

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