rules as i recently explained them. to the boy (see previous post)

-playmates isn’t for everyone

-don’t spend the night (encourages deep connection) (this is the rule i have broken TOO many times in the past)

-respect is the most important need/trait in the relationship

-there is NO owing someone play. if either party isn’t feeling it, they just aren’t. no need/reason/expectation to explain.

-the sex has to be good (which is an odd rule to check for compliance, but you know what i mean)

-if one party is starting to feel too attached, they should tell the other party and then mutually decide what to do (reinforce rules, stop being playmates, limit contact, lots of options)

-neither party is required to share any more of themselves than their body (and associated brain, er, activity, for the maximum sexual experience).

-we are not machines, sometimes we may find ourselves feeing very emotional while with our playmate. in those cases either party can decide to stop playing at that time. as to what is shared in that moment, it is situational and up to the individuals at that time. just remember rule #1 is respect.

any other suggestions? he is just so darn cute!

worked christmas and it was beautiful. a pt passed and i called the family (he was 92 yr old). the daughter said, “oh, we were planning on coming down for lunch” (we served a christmas lunch for patients and families). i encouraged her to come anyway. she and her husband and her brother came. and it was really beautiful. i explained how there were three of us in the room holding his hands and stroking his hair. it was a calm death. a good death. there was crying and i apologized, well, gave sympathy, that is happened on christmas. the son seemed to have the hardest time with that. we ate lunch together. there were a bunch of people to talk to. families relating. i suggested, if next year is really hard, come down and see us. we’d love to have you. they left a peace with dad’s death. and THAT is why i am a hospice nurse.

¬†***begin sarcasm*** NYE was a swinging time***/end sarcasm*** i slept in. i had lunch with kyle, we went and read books at circa. then i went home and sewed. i fixed 5 bras and made 4 shirts. i listened to A LOT of “wait, wait don’t tell me”. my podcast backlog had gotten out of hand. i ALMOST finished before midnight. but then my stupid machine kept eating my bobbin, grrr, grrr, grrr. so i finished at 1am.

just sort of waiting for work to start again. i spoke with my boss today and explained that i felt i worked harder and stepped up more than almost all the nurses. ¬†even if i am not charge, they come to me with IT, Suncoast, med issues. and i don’t mind helping. i am a helper. but when disaster strikes, which it did twice in the last two weeks, i stepped up and solved the problem. one day, when we had a horrible med issue, i jumped right in and two of the staff members said “what would have done without you today?” i was flattered and honored. no reason we can’t fix things. ANYHOW, my boss can do NOTHING about my pay so i asked for a 4th shift. i have a scheduled 4th shift every pay period. it was sort of easy because we have gaps on day shift. also, i know i will be first called off those weeks. but i appreciated the acknowledgment of my efforts and agreeing to do what can be done to reward my effort.

yeah, i still blog sometimes.

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