so much life going on

this month i went to my 30th high school reunion. it was more awesome than i expected. more people than i expected remembered me. or at least that acted like they did. ┬áthere were a few people who didn’t remember me but we made friends. it’s weird. we TOTALLY made friends. had lunch wth my boyfriend from high school, and his wife. high school was HORRIBLE. i would LOVE to have skipped high school. but catching up was really cool. i have already said my life is awesome but it was nice to see where i have come from.

i then went to LA CatCon. which was AMAZING. made new cat buddies. saw so many people JUST LIKE ME! next year, i want to go both days so i can attend the seminars. i want to take the ATX cat punks as well. a pilgrimage! i got lots of cat t-shirts.

my spending is sort of stupid out of control. but i just have to deal with it. like i do. i try different things to reign it in. i’ll get there.

next month i go to death salon in seattle and then riotfest in chicago. i’ll be staying at the W in chicago. being away from work has been really nice. my job makes me sad. the people that work there are so unhappy, angry at things. it is oppressive going to work. there are some people i love working with. but i often don’t have a choice. i LOVE talking care of hospice pts, but the place is so oppressive. st david’s is a great place from a people standpoint. good processes. good mgmt. i just don’t like the pt base. they are there because they don’t take care of themselves. and working days is hellacious, so i would have to go back to nights. to get SO close to the greatest job ever and then have egos destroy it. very annoying.

i am not sure. my life feels ok but i am suspicious somehow. is this what ok feels like? is this what stability feels like? it is calm and comfortable and odd. anyhow, i think it is ok. it is just weird. is it suppose to be like this? is this what looking back at life and being ok with it feels like? or is this the beginning of a rude awakening? perhaps my spending issue is my attempts and making things a little stressful? something else to work for?

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