sorry i missed april

i post to FB a lot. i wish i could easily cross post stuff to here.

i have 4 trips planned for this summer:

  • 30th High School Reunion in Chico in August
  • LA CatCon again!
  • Death Salon on Seattle
  • Riotfest in Chicago

i don’t think i have traveled this much since i lived in europe. the reunion is sort of something on my own because i think few people will remember me. but i remember THEM and want to know what they are doing. the CatCon will be AWESOME! i plan to have drinks/dinner with the guys that lived across the hall from me, my freshman year in college. there will be a bunch of friends at death salon. no one i am REALLY close to, but i am not really close to anyone, really. but there will be a number of austin deathlings and that will be awesome. lastly i am going to riotfest because NIN and Saul Williams are both playing. already have plane tickets and rooms for all events. i am staying at the W in chicago. going to that sort of alone. some casual friends will be there. trying to get Lucy to go. but for festivals, i don’t really like to be married to anyone, because of the difference in musical interests. i would like to be able to have breakfast with someone(s) though.

the older i get the more i enjoy “life” things. the behavior of being. folding laundry. rearranging things. reading books. i have always enjoyed new experiences. experiencing things and people. but i find just being more pleasing and less stressful. i am guessing it has to do with being old(er).  but maybe i am just exhausted being a nurse and so low key things are better?  it will be awesome to enjoy so many different parts of my life and interests this summer. perhaps that is a change in my life.

i took the cupcake to urban moto today to sell it. it was sad. it is sad. but i have lost my courage to ride in this town.  it’s the middle turn lanes. cars whip in and out of them without looking. i thought about getting a big modern vespa. it would give me more power to move with the flow of traffic. be seen better. and to get out of the way faster. i would REALLY love to ride to work.

i won the bed battle with amex.  that was nice.

things from my youth that keep coming back. twin peaks. x-files. unfortunately, my youthful body is taking a little longer.  i have 2 1/2 months until my 30th high school reunion.

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