Monthly Archives: June 2016

a lot has changed

i had a fortuitous conversation with a patient’s sister and today i had an interview to become a SANE nurse.  SANE stands for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.  these nurse’s work with sexual assault victims.  they do the physical exam, but more so they support them through the experience and let them know about their options and resources.  it would be a minimum of 5 shifts a month, but they are PRN and you don’t go in unless there is a patient to meet with.  i really wish we had a single-payer healthcare system so i could quit at St David’s full-time and work SANE and Hospice part-time each.  but i need healthcare.

things aren’t going very well for Kyle and i.  we had a talk tonight about my needs.  i don’t have a lot of needs.  i do a great job taking care of myself these days.  this is actually a problem in a number of ways.  anyhow, i am exhausted by some of the issues that Kyle struggles with. maybe it is just that i am not the right sort of girl for these types of issues.  i don’t have the energy for the validation required or to battle the voices (not ACTUAL voices).  it makes me sad.  we talked.  he is going to sit on it and talk to people then reconvene next week.  we have lots of summer plans.  i really like him.  i want this to work out.

the living room set-up is complete.  goth all the way.

in july i am attending the flight of the concords, weird al, and have tickets to opening night of ghostbusters.  then i am getting liposuction at the beginning of august.  then afrofest in brooklyn at the end of august.  lots of things to do.  i look forward to engaging in life more than i have.