my therapist says…

i need to not become frustrated with relationship issues.  i think that means i need to say things early.  of course, finding a time to express worrisome things is awkward.  andreas and i tried talking about issues/feelings specifically on sunday afternoons.  i am not sure that is a good way of doing it.  the health topic needs to be addressed though. the response i received when i brought it up before was very “medical definition”.  it felt like i was a student or patient who doesn’t know anything about diabetes.  but i do.  and there is no reason not to try.  i have made it VERY CLEAR that i do not want to deal with unmanaged health issues.  but i don’t want to do an ultimatum.  but i am not sure what the middle ground is.  i got an enthusiastic text message about fitness, but there was coffee cake involved ;>  i’d like to do things together.  our strange sleep schedule differences make things hard.  but we should try, right?

it still feels incredibly comfortable though (a reason i want to work out the health thing for sure!). i just don’t worry with Kyle.  i express myself.  i ask my questions and share my concerns.  i tell him how much i care about him and i am not afraid to do so.  he is been VERY good about sharing his feelings.  much less staring at me when i know there is something going on in his head.  and lots of sex.  lots.  it’s all very nice.  it’s so nice to feel so, just, nice.

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