being peculiar

i had another date with the interesting boy my age.  we went for massages.  he paid.  it was kind of him considering i am a nurse.  i felt a little weird about letting him pay for it but i really loved getting a massage.  we went to lunch after.  and he said something odd, he said “i am glad you wear that lipstick, it makes you look prettier”.  i did the turn head to the side thing.  he then realized he had said something REALLY rude.  and then he blew it 3 more times.  and then i said to him “my ex-husband had a boss that once said ‘when you are in a hole, stop digging.'”  he said “you know what i mean though, right?”.  uh, no.  i felt a bit bad for him.  he finally said, “what should i have said?”.  i replied, “your lipstick looks pretty.” “uh, yeah.”  perhaps this is why he is single at 48?  i still like him.  i was actually more bothered by a trend i am seeing.  he mentioned a documentary he saw recently about divorce and commented, “I had no idea how corrupt the whole system is. And there is so much lying that goes on. Women falsely claim that men beat them or sexually abused the kids. All to get sympathy from the judge.” and then at lunch he talked about women lying about being on birth control to get pregnant on purpose.  see a pattern?  i see a pattern.  would this be one of those relationships where i had to always defend my intentions as a female of the species?

dating.  meh.

went to karaoke with mars and some of her friends.  then 80s night at the highball.  it actually made me kind of sad because the other the girls all have husbands/fiancees.  but the music was really good.

then i had dessert with the odd boy.  i asked him what his kink was.  he said he didn’t want to tell me yet.  it is pretty hard to come up with something to talk about after someone says they don’t want to share their kink yet.  i tried.

then i went to voodoo donuts and took them to the office.  i buy my friends with donuts :>

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