terribly proud of myself

so, lucy and i had a miscommunication and our kitchen sink got REALLY clogged.  some friends made some FB suggestions as to how to fix it.  i managed to get the trap off and one other pipe piece.  i needed to take the t-piece attached to the disposal to get the most important junction.  but i was totally on my way.  my friends Joel and Kate came by to lend a hand.  Joel even had gloves and safety glasses!  but it is all fixed now and i feel that i have learned some important skills!

so….the BEAUTIFUL, tall 21 year-old, barista at circa asked me out on a date.  i will admit, in my 20-lb heavier vanity, i had lamented that he was not interested in me.  and then he asked me out.  as you know, dear reader, i have a new rule, no playmates. but this boy is SO cute! couldn’t i just bend the rule a little?

and if i am so very tickled by this date offer, what about the new boy i have been chatting with? (we have only been out once)  perhaps this is merely flattery in the face of my additional 20 lbs and lack of interested fellows?

got called off at hospice.  life things tomorrow.  i LOVE life things.

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