my first history test was harder than i expected.  but i get to take them twice :>

i had an ice cream date with a 29 year-old.  we met at 80s night at Barbarella.  he can seriously move on the dance floor.  we were suppose to go to old school hip-hop night tonight, but i got called into work tomorrow morning at HACH.

i am excited about working a day shift there.  but i had so many things in wanted to do tomorrow!  and hip-hop with a 29 year-old! (he is super into hip-hop and was going to school me in it).  i need to take that second unit exam for history too.

i got my apology.  i even got it in wave-file form.  it was adorable.  not sure what happens now.  but i feel more understood and respected for my worthiness.

started weight watchers today.  first day didn’t go so well.  i was at the ACC campus longer than expected and had to eat some tacos to keep conscious.  then lucy made pasta (which i SUPER appreciated!)  probably went over my points.  turns out most of my frozen meals are a million points (ok, 6).  my smoothie is 6 points! i only get 26 a day.  but i need to fit into my gothwear for convergence in new orleans next year! and i miss my wardrobe.  and my old body. blah blah blah.  i repeat myself.

but part of it is a chant. a mantra. remind myself of what i want most. (which is to have thin thighs without effort, but you know, reality!)

christine and her young man have parted. i am not sure it will stick.  my opinion, which i shared as gently as possible, is he will only hurt her more.  it is hard to be alone though.  i think i have learned completely cutting off contact is really the only way to go.   i used to think that was a weakness.  but i have decided (and my therapist agrees) that people that can “be friends” are extraordinary.  and i am normal.

tomorrow!  hospice! it’ll be good for me.

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