Daily Archives: October 23, 2015

it’s raining off and on

which we obviously need.  and i wanted to start with something positive.

my therapist tells me i should go on lots of dates.  i need to do this to: weed out the “losers” and expose myself to the most people to figure out what i am looking for in a partner. i don’t know that i have the energy for this, but what choice do i have?  (do NOT give me platitudes that i am so awesome i will easily find someone.  i KNOW i am awesome, but that doesn’t mean my matching awesome partner is out there for me to find).  and really, i don’t even know what type of person i want to date!  i really liked patrick’s nerdiness, but then he generally only conversed about a single topic for months! (first scooters, then computers). she also wants me to take the reference to being “sex-positive” out of my profile, because “men are base”.  ugh. (i don’t doubt her on that)

my therapist also suggests trying weight watchers to lose the weight i gained when i started back on nights.  it makes me sad, but nothing is working and i feel yucky and my clothing doesn’t fit.  i am still gorgeous, but that is mostly an attitude thing.  which it always has been.  i can’t afford to replace my wardrobe.

US history class fairly entertaining.  too much work though. i’ll know more after my first test.

i need a nap.  i am going to be out all night tonight. i have a fantastic new dress.  life goes on, i know that.

i am going to take out the shower doors in my bathrooms and put in curtains.  i am excited about the plan!  being landed-gentry is fun.