job decisions

so, the interview with seton went well.  i believe i will get an offer next week.  but whether to take it or not.  i would learn A LOT, but would probably need to quit at hospice.  which i enjoy for it’s own reasons.  i enjoy my job at st david’s too, though.  i would work 4 days every week and then 5 times a week periodically if i kept all three positions.  the pay at seton will likely be the best and COULD turn into a full-time position if i really liked it there.  so not sure what to do.  so nice to be wanted.

do you think my friends on FB think my life is perfect?  i bet they do.  how do you appropriately talk about what is missing in your life, namely, a partner?  i have learned that it is inappropriate to burden people with your crap.  sure, there is a balance, but what is that?  i want a partner.  i want someone i am excited about!  but maybe that doesn’t happen at 46.  blah, blah, blah.  anyhow.  i need a nap.

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