they ruined it

i really loved my job, until today.  my mgmt doesn’t trust me.  they want me to come into the office to chart.  i asked why and my team lead said so she could help me, “You are a new hospice nurse.” i asked if that meant she would sit with me to chart.  she scoffed.  it just says they don’t trust me.  i don’t want to work for people that don’t trust me.  they probably don’t want me very much either.  this makes me profoundly said.  i really love my patients.  they are wonderful people that i love to get the chance to help.  i am seriously bummed.

i had previously had a number of relationship ideas to share.  but all of a sudden i can’t think of what they are.  today has made me so sad, i don’t seem to remember anything passed about 1500.

One thought on “they ruined it

  1. I went through this with a new manager. There was a lot of checking in and looking at what I was doing. But after a month or two, the problem solved itself. He realized I could just be left alone to get on with it, and dialed it back.

    So don’t be too dismayed. Remember that qualified or not, you could cause them millions of dollars of medical malpractice lawsuits; it’s not surprising to me that they want to check up on you for a while. If they still don’t trust you after a month or two of observation, then you have a problem.

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