end of the weekend of the week

well, i made it through my first week at hospice.  and it was cool.  i really enjoy the connection with the pts.  the org is chaotic with lots of change going on, but there are opportunities too.  did a lot of running around crazy and sitting around and doing nothing.

worked a saturday day on 8N.  that was wild.  and i made a bunch of money.  it was nice to see my “regular” pts.

tonight i am hanging out in bed, updating finances and watching Eureka.  and thinking about all the social things i have done in the last week.  it has felt great, though i have been pooped.  next week isn’t AS bad, but, i might have to reign back.

i have two friends, boys, making food for me now.  i could have an awesome home cooked meal every night of the week.  but i gotta socialize, right?  i need to try and find a new intimate relationship.  i want balance.  which, granted, is applicable to more than just my intimate life,

i am too tired to make this meaningful at this point.  sorry.

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