a new day

i start my job with hospice tomorrow!  i am very excited.  driving to temple 5 days a week for a week or 2 will suck, but gotta start somewhere.  i attended the team staff meeting this last week.  the woman who hired me was fired the previous friday, so they suggested coming to staff would be helpful.  besides hearing from our new director (he had nothing to do with the firing) there was a presentation from an organization that helps Vets with their burial benefits.  it was a really great presentation, actually.  the gov’t takes care of a strange number of burial related items, but not all of it.  the biggest thing i got out of the presentation, personally, is to think about how i want to be buried/remembered.  so here it is: i want to be cremated.  if at all possible, i’d like tiny baggies of me to be shared with my friends, to have them scatter me wherever they find meaningful.  i’d love to be spread over paris and praha if at all possible.  have a party, talk about how you remember me.  what stuck out about me.  fond memories or crazy shit.  share something me relevant, even if it is a song lyric or, deity forbid, a poem.  is that detailed enough?  i don’t need a headstone or anything anywhere.  i understand that i will pass from memory, as so many people have, after my friends and perhaps their friends or children, have past.  that’s fine.  i have/am making my mark while i am here.

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