Daily Archives: February 25, 2013

is it nursing or is it nurses?

i am snuggled in my “not as fresh as they were yesterday” (wink wink) sheets reading and snacking and facebooking and snuggling down in my fluffy sheets.  and i DON’T want to go to work.  at all.  is it nursing?  when i think about being on the floor with my patients, that feels good.  i really like (the vast majority of) my patients.  i wonder about the cutest couple on earth.  will they be gone when i get there today?  i worry about who i will be working with.  and then there is the drive.  my car tires are low and i need to put air in them before i leave.  i hate doing that.  i hate having to drive so much.  i like my floor, i just need mass transit and some nicer coworkers.  i just wanna stay snuggled down in my bed all afternoon and night.