Daily Archives: October 20, 2012

i am not hungry

i gained about 10 pounds in nursing school.  not enough sleep.  poor eating habits.  stress eating.  i have lost those now.  and further, i am just not hungry.  for instance, today, i have had a plain bagel, half a coffee and a smoothie to eat.  mind you, i got up at 11am, but still.  i am just not hungry.  this worries me a bit, because i am not eating, as i am not hungry.  (oh wait, my stomach just growled)  and i need to eat.  in college i had to leave myself notes to eat.  i think, the reason i am not hungry, is that i have gotten into this routine where food is number 4 on the list.  number 1 is work, then sleep, then sex, then food.  i sleep through a meal.  i work through a meal.  and then i just don’t miss the meals.  but i need to stay strong.  i want to eat right, and when i don’t have time, i don’t eat and now i am not hungry.  first world problems.