i know what i want…

i want a robot boy.  perhaps a wind-up one like in “coin operated boy”.  see, it is raining something fierce tonight, and it is great weather to snuggle down into bed.  but most of the time, these days at least, i just don’t need the energy draw of a boyfriend.  i am just too busy getting my life together after 3 years of limbo.  but sometimes it would certainly be nice.  now and again, someone to bounce things off of.  someone that is on my side.  someone to lean on, now and again.  but i would definitely want to put them in a closet a lot of the time.  just take them out in moments of need.  which totally isn’t fair.  that is actually how i felt about patrick..or rather, how it felt he saw me.  i was a doll he liked looking at and sometimes playing with.  but mostly he just wanted to put me in the closet.  anyhow, it obviously doesn’t work that way, so i’ll just have to snuggle down with the kitties like the crazy middle-aged cat lady i am!

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