about last sunday

well, that day didn’t happened like planned.  it wasn’t all bad.  the cosmic unconsciousness was just out to get me.  see, i decided to ride my scooter to Jo’s for true blood.  rode Blue.  got just to I35 and she died.  i thought, “no big.  probably the spark plug.  i’ll just pull over and change it.”  pulled over.  opened glovebox.  found a spark plug but no tools!  what the hell happened to my tools?!  “whatever,” i though “i’ll just call Amy and she can come get me, take me home, i’ll get some more tools and get it done.”  looking in backpack.  no iPhone!  WTF!  where is my iPhone!  that left walking to Jo’s, 6 LONG austin city blocks, and it was 106 degrees out.  i was a hot mess by the time i got there.  posted on FB.  my friend peter came to my rescue.  tools were in the cupcake (do i not have tools for all bikes?  must fix that).  blue started first kick.  my friend sondra happened to ride her scooter to true blood too.  guess what phone call i got when i got home?  yep, her spark plug.  the funny thing is, when she arrived to Jo’s and i told her about my experience, she went to her scooter to check that she had tools and a spark plug!  i rode over, with some tweezers and electrical tape, and we got her new spark plug in.  she zoomed off happily!

i passed the NCLEX!  75 questions in 2 hours.  it felt weird.  the test wasn’t hard, it was just vague.  but i guess that meant i was doing well.  got my quick results (for $7.95 from PearsonVue) 48 hours after i started the exam.  my license was on the BON by the afternoon.  and now i am done.  well, with the prep.  the prep is all finished.  now i just need to be a nurse.

started on the floor on thursday, though friday was my first day with patients.  and it was awesome!  not as hard an nursing school.  i can see my flow and just have to get some days into me.  i totally see myself being really good at this.  and it was so satisfying.  one of my patients told me i was wonderful.  i made a difference in her experience.  so much better than financial analysis.

i posted the following on FB today: “Nursing school completed. License attained. Job started. Now…

I am official available for dating/relationshiping. Descriptive adjectives: clever, compassionate (though it comes across strangely sometimes), well educated, happily employed, attractive, bakes, generally independent but interested in sharing, funny, creative, female nurse. Single males only please (I want someone of my own).”

i have received some interesting updates to my post.  a few other descriptives, “good dresser”, “sensible”, “loves to dance”. “has own exam table”, “good speaker” and “but no longer has pink hair”.  damn i miss my pink hair.  i have received two offers already from out of state.  dang it.  many people have ‘liked’ my post.  i hope it ends up being fruitful.  i sure would like a partner.

it is 4:49am while i am writing this.  i have only had 4 hours of sleep.  my body just WOKE up, bang!  i currently have my day and a half headache.  started about mid-day on friday, so it should be gone by now.  i’ve taken a bunch of meds.  did a little yoga, which helped, but as soon as i stop, it comes back.  grrr.  not fair.

got a sad letter from the IRS.  they want more documents to process my tax return.  which sucks, cause i REALLY need that money right now.  my next (first!) paycheck isn’t a full one.  oh well.  i guess that is was american express is for.

i am a nurse now, and it is really exciting.  so far it has been awesome.  i am very glad i have chosen this path.  now to get the rest of my life in order.

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