perhaps it will be sunday

here we find ourselves at another True Blood Sunday!  tomorrow is my first day of orientation.  it is going to be like school all over again, as my alarm is set for 5:15.  urgh.  but i will probably jump out of bed (and hit my head on the ceiling) because i am so excited to go.  i swear half the people who are going to be there are going to be old classmates!  hurrah!

my classmate, and study buddy, sarah passed the NCLEX.  i took the first practice exam and got 85/125, which is actually pretty good.  went through the rationales and it helped quite a bit.  i can totally do this.  i almost wish i didn’t have to wait so long.

i backed my car into a tree.  i feel so dumb.  bumper is dented, but nothings else is wrong.  except i feel dumb.  it has been a while since i did something so stupid.  i was simply not being careful enough.  perhaps this was the cosmic unconsciousness’ way of warning me that i am getting too loose

what else?  life is good.  starting the job, taking the NCLEX, moved, totally social and happy.  i sure hope i can hold on to this feeling for a good long time.

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