Daily Archives: June 10, 2012

awesome life day

today was an awesome life day.  woke up next to boy toy.  had a nice breakfast.  bought some new running shoes.  took a nap.  went to Jo’s to watch True Blood with a bunch of my friends.  organized the closet.  organized it well enough to fit the vacuum cleaner!  oh!  and rode my scooter to watch True Blood.  leaving Jo’s it was just super cool to have hung out with a bunch of my friends.  we talked about True Blood and language classes.  it was just great to hang out with friends and not feel pressured to be doing something else with some sort of deadline hanging over my head.  it is just awesome to have a bunch of friends that want to hang out.  tomorrow, NCLEX review. (which is totally ok because today was awesome life day and i understand i still have responsibilities)