this week in "heather looks for a job…"

the nurse manager at st davids said he would call either way. said he had wanted to make decisions mid of last week. didn’t get a call. more disappointing professionalism.

called 4 nurse managers this week about positions. left 3 messages and didn’t get a single call back. the fourth said she was waiting to hear back from HR whether she had another rec or not. she didn’t want to bring people in for interviews then have to say “i would love to hire you, but i don’t have a rec”. i told her i greatly appreciated that. she said to keep calling back. she didn’t mind me following up regularly. that was very nice of her.

so, at this time tuesday (~72 hours from now), i will be done with nursing school but still not have a job. a number of my classmates have called me to talk about why i can’t find anything. offering support and advice. we think it is because 1) i wasn’t a student tech nurse and 2) my “impressive” background makes nurse managers think i won’t stay long, that my intro floor is just stepping stone. HA! i was asking to join the mgmt track at HP. i said no. i don’t want to go up, i want to be a nurse. i want to be a floor nurse. if i could only get in and get the chance to tell them that.

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