a friend posted a suggestion on FB

this friend feels they have found their calling: the restoration of civilized, adult discourse…lamenting the death of reasoned debate and the rise of lurid shouting matches”

i found this amusing as he recently compared aspects of my lifestyle to adulterers and drug addicts. of course, it wasn’t a political or ethical topic, per se. it was simply my lifestyle. it wasn’t a shouting match, as it was via email and no capitalization was used. but it was certainly a mindless insult. and when i pushed back, he did, as he always does, he ran and hid. anyhow…he suggested that people should get together and discuss the world in a civilized manner. i challenge that this would really work. the underlining sentiment being “you called me an adulterer and drug addict, that was civil just because you didn’t shout it?” but with a higher point of, how is this possible, what will it achieve? then i decided that i shouldn’t post it because, though i believe my points are quite valid, i don’t see a use in challenging his hypocrisy and potentially derailing that which is, in its raw form, a great idea.

didn’t want to abandon it completely though….

my not-post:
i suppose this could be a topic for such a Friday night, but, how do we defend ourselves when those we are talking to malign us unfairly? Should we simply turn the other cheek? Though i agree that discourse should be civil, just because a voice isn’t raised, doesn’t mean one is acting civilly. Should we start to see those whose opinions we find ignorant and wrong “poor lost souls” and just continue to try and save them from the ignorance? i am not arguing for screaming, yelling and name calling, but how do we let go the insult of others ignorance? And aren’t there numerous topics, such as gun control, where ample evidence can be provided by each side and, in a sense, it comes down to opinion? i do love the idea.  i just feel trapped by today’s society. 

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