i am going to start tracking my weeks. this week, on the not so hot side: i still didn’t find a job. not sure what my financial situation is going to end up being. had a mediocre interview at st david’s south. the OB exam did not go so well. on the positive side: got to the gym 3 times, got a 90 on my med surg exam (this takes a LOT of pressure off the final), had my lease app accepted, dressed up in a “naked-ish” outfit of lace and went to a burlesque show with the boy toy, studied, studied, studied with my friend kyle (and nagged him and he didn’t even mind). after the med surg exam i felt MUCH better. that was really nice. ironically, this is the teacher i studied HOURS and HOURS for at the beginning of the term (cardiology) and only ended up doing mediocre (80). did not study nearly as much and did much better. go figure.

the end is nie. only it is a good end. 9 more days until the term is over. 11 until my pinning. so far 11 of my friends have signed up to attend my pinning. i think some of them don’t realize it is an hour away. and they would have to leave at about rush hour. even if they don’t make it, i am very excited!

it is hard to focus these days. i think about finding a job, a lot. but my mind is wandering to just not being under the gun with school. of course, i will be under the gun for the NCLEX as soon as school is out. but i am not as worried about that. i dunno. i just want to be able to make dinner and watch hulu without feeling horribly guilty. i want to be like normal people.

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