time marches on

roommate is moving out. next week. rather short notice, but what can you do? lots of things up in the air. it all sort of comes together last minute now in the end days of school. i have an interview next friday. st davids. same place i interviewed for the patient tech job. you remember, great GREAT interview, didn’t get the job cause i was too close to graduating. perhaps this is a good sign. hiring event the second week of april. will apply at brownwood in april. that seems a good chance too. so things will change in the short term. life upheaval. living situation. career. boy. i am ready though. ready to move into a more stable place. ah, positive cash flow!

may have lost another friend because of my straight-forwardness. makes me sad, but again, what can you do? it is my double edged sword.

i am ready for the end of the term and graduation. as in, i feel, finally, that i will make it. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU ALL SAY. IT WAS NEVER A DONE DEAL! save your “see heather, of course you made it”s. i had to work my arse off and it was still not a sure thing. i would’t say i got lucky, but things could have turned out differently on a number of occasions. i feel good though. i can do it. i’ll get there. i will be nurse heather.

going to the gym so much makes me hungry.

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