the multi-orgasmic female

i have started to read the multi-orgasmic couple book that patrick and i bought ages ago.  i think he started reading it.  boy toy wants us to try for more orgasms for me. who can turn down a boy who asks for that?  anyhow, i won’t go into detail of what i have learned so far, but i did want to share some questions the book asks.

  • at what moments in your life do you recall feeling the most desire or pleasure?
  • what places, times of day, or partners aroused you the most?
  • in what specific ways we these moments different from or similar to those in your life now?
  • in your current life, what things increase or decrease your desire?
  • if you could create the perfect erotic situation for yourself, what would it look like? (do not limit your imagination)

i have been trying to answer these questions, but, with the exception of the last one (i have a vivid and hardworking imagination), i am having a hard time really pinpointing it.  i can count on one hand the “bad” sex i have had, but to pick a moment i felt the MOST desire? does that include lusting after dave gehan in high school? isn’t it intensely situational? places and time of day?!  as i think about it, perceived desire from my partner seems to thrill me the most.  but does that always lead to great sex? i don’t actually think so.  i think it makes for the best emotional and intellectual experience. but pure pleasure? hm.  not sure.  i am going to keep at it.  if you are interested in the answers i come up with, email me and i’ll email them back.

(p.s. yes, i do have a little black book with a list and a top 3 in several different categories)

(p.p.s making love with your husband (committed primary) is always the best sex, regardless of how it feels technically)

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