Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

reach out and touch someone

my OB test went well.  which is just frustrating.  i studied MAYBE 4 hours in total.  what am i doing wrong with med surg?  i can’t even get through the material in med surg in 4 hours.  *sigh*  on my way home i posted on FB that i wanted to have dinner with friends who could amuse me with anecdotes.  9 people showed up!  ok, twice i had to ask to change the subject to something positive (whether obama was good or bad was one time, can’t remember the other), but otherwise it was really nice.  really really.  i am glad i have such nice friends who are willing to come out with me.

tomorrow i try hypnosis for test anxiety and study stress.  i’ll let you know how it goes.


another punch to the gut this week.  this morning, i sent a note to the nurse manager that i interviewed with last week.  she called a little while later and said i was too close to graduating and by the time they trained me, i would have to move on.  she said i was a great candidate and will make a great nurse (cause i have a great attitude, though that says nothing of skills or knowledge) but she is going to pass.  it is so painful.  i need the experience SO bad.  i have an OB test in a few hours i am woefully underprepared for.  and my hairdresser just posted that her shop won’t have water on saturday.  couldn’t something go right this week?  what is going to happen to me?