Daily Archives: October 23, 2011

i still feel boring

it was a productive weekend.  but nothing out of the ordinary occurred.  i truly did my bit as mrs robinson (no, not our program director) on friday night.  it was satisfying as always.  since i have started having sex again, i find myself highly aroused a lot.  i don’t remember ever feeling like this before.  sure, i have always had a very strong libido, but down right arousal?  this feels new.  and while it is nice, it is also rather distracting.  i’ll give it a week or two and see what happens.  i may have to rearrange my week if this persists.

well, i guess that wasn’t really boring.

cat update: we let optimus prime and mos def out to see if the capo would follow them back in.  it worked, sort of.  he ran right back out. but it is a start.  we are going to put in a cat door later this week and perhaps that will do the trick.  i just worry about other cats coming in.  they certainly walk in through the open doors.

we get our med surg exam back tomorrow.  i am praying for a pass.  let you know tomorrow.