so heather, what did you do saturday night?

well, i had sex with my 25-year old lover Ross, then we watched about 45 minutes of Dr Gunther von Hagens’ “anatomy for beginners” (WARNING: THIS IS A LIVE AUTOPSY!)

then we were hungry, so we went out for a snack. then we had more sex. then we went to sleep. in the morning, ross helped me get the seat on my scooter off (long story). it was a great saturday night!

my nursing class watched the beginners video in med surg class recently. i loved it! forensics and pathology are two areas i am really interested in. there is a whole series of videos. the one i posted is just one excerpt. and yes, this is the doctor from the body exhibit. i have never actually seen the exhibit (went to a mini one in austin). it came to stuttgart when patrick and i lived there. it was open 24-7 but the admissions line was still a 3 hour wait at 2am. we didn’t bother.

yes, it is odd having a 25-year old lover. sort of stereotypical, considering my cougar status. but we have been friends for almost 4 years, and he is really nice to me, and it’s fun. it has reduced my stress level IMMENSELY! and i need all the help i can get in nursing school.

blue is back! the kids are alright!
the kids are alright

blue has a special modified disk break now.

patrick rebuilt my precious vintage for me. i am so grateful and so happy to have it home! all i wanted to do was ride my scooter this weekend. but i didn’t. i studied.

this is my new moto:

clincals tomorrow. i’m ready.

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