random facts

-i hate to admit it, by having reduced my diet coke consumption to 1 can or less a day, my “bumpy” thighs have vanished. i hate this reality. ┬ádr korte (my frauen-artz in germany) was right

-i am sitting in the comedy traffic school room at cherrywood

-i have yet to find a scone recipe where they still taste good overnight

-i feel good about this GI exam on monday.

One thought on “random facts

  1. Hi Heather. Was surfing on by to see if there were any new postings. I had a thought
    about the dot dress – how do you think the inverse of the dress would look? Black dots
    on a white dress. If you wore your version on Monday and my version on Tuesday, do you
    think your coworkers would notice? My guess would be no, but I’m way out of my league
    when it comes to fashion. Good night. — Bob

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