i made another skirt!  i made it with my new sewing machine!  yeah christine and katie!  i can totally ignore nursing homework and sew now!  i am so excited!  exclamation point!

this is me, with my machine, at the stitch lab with my final product!


here i am wearing my creation!


and here is a close-up of the print!  they’re skeletons!


it was a busy day that ended (mostly) on completing the skirt!  i always feel so worthy and competent when i create something at the stitch lab.  i could ignore nursing homework for months!  but i won’t.  fall term starts on monday.  the main focus of the term is families and children.  i really have no interest in pedi.  but homework is homework.  it is going to be a tough semester is only because of the schedule. 4 days of classes.  my goal this term, besides getting grades more like summer term and not spring term, is to exercise.  it will help.  i just need to plan for it.

man i am tired.

my therapist suggested to me that i need to show my friends/partners that i do need support, sometimes, early on in the relationship.  she said, “it may be 90%/10%, you supporting them vs them supporting you, but you need your 10%.”  she then explained that perhaps the reason i find it so hard to get the support i need is because people just get too used to me being the supporter.  they don’t know what to do when suddenly i need some support.  makes sense.  but how do you show you need support sometimes too, when you don’t actually need it at the moment?

things are mellowing out and coming together.  i may just make it out of this alive!  or at least, without having to go on meds.  which would be nice.

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