got As in both my psych courses. lecture AND clinical. and i really love the topic. i wonder if the aspects of psych nursing would be interesting enough for me. you don’t do a lot of med surg stuff, but you don’t do a lot of therapy related stuff unless you get an advanced degree. i wouldn’t mind being a nurse practitioner in psych, but i am sort of sick of school. and school loans. perhaps i could go into community health. work at a planned parenthood or something. then i could do both med surg and counseling. oh course, infomatics is going to be the most lucrative. decisions, decisions.  i am just proud that i did so well.  i worked really hard.

getting As in psych certainly improved my week.  i am still pretty sad though.  if things don’t mellow out when school starts (i realize that sound counter-intuitive, but there have been lots of changes this summer that will be finalized in a couple of weeks) i may consider meds.  i still function fine (got As!) but i have started to burst into tears frequently.  if i avoid certain subjects, i can keep from crying, but my mind won’t always stay clear.  i feel like anti-anxieties might be better than anti-depressants.  i am angry-sad, and really keyed up.  but i can’t really function on a nursing floor while on an ativan.  can i take them in lecture?  not if i am driving.  i dunno.  i am working REALLY hard to try and feel better.  but i can’t believe the cortisol my body must be producing, as a result of all this stress, isn’t having a worse effect on my body.  even my tummy is fine.  anyhow, i want to be happy.  i want not to feel physical pain when i see things or hear about things.  i am trying really hard.

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  1. I didn’t want to take meds after my post partum depression. I took prozac. Made a HUGE difference in my anxiety/angrysad feelings. Not like numb, just like me. I’m for them in cases where other options have been exhausted. Not forever, just to get back on an even keel.


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