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my phone screen with AMD went very well and i was invited in for a face-to-face interview with the team.  i am conflicted.  the job is supporting manufacturing.  50% financial reporting and 50% strategic planning.  i know i can do this job.  my ramp up would be slow, probably 6-months before i am leading instead of following.  my concern is they would expect more from me faster.  i LOVE manufacturing.  the manager was really cool.  SHE has discouraged me from being a nurse.  i left a VM for ms monney, the teacher that supports us the most and who i have the best relationship with.  i want to ask her what she thinks.  but if they offer me $60-70K a year, with benefits, for an area i am really interested in?  that is hard to turn down.  security is what i crave right now.  i really love what i am learning in nursing, but i am very nervous about finding a job when i graduate.  there are lots of jobs for experienced nurses who are willing to work in bumm-fuck, texas, not so much austin.  and i am not top of my class.  and i never will be.  that just isn’t me.  i am not smart like that.  anyhow, i am very tempted by this job, if they offered it to me.  guess i will just do my best and see what happens.

i was suppose to take the capo to austin pets alive today.  i put him in the carrier, got in the car and started on my way.  then i started crying horribly.  i just couldn’t do it.  katie and i are going to find SOMEWHERE for the kitten (megaton 3) to go.  she chases the capo and bites his tail.  i think that is why he has been so wild.  yeah, he is a wild cat to begin with, but optimus prime mellowed him out at night.  now if i could just teach him NOT to scratch at the plastic bag in the litter box, he would be perfect.  if i only had optimus prime, i feel like i could have kept OP at Mo’s until she goes to mittenland.  but two cats is just too much.  of course, i have to be out of my flat by July 31st and Mo doesn’t move until like the second week in August.  i’ll have to find somewhere for at least The Capo for that time.  i’ll deal with that as time gets closer.

i use to be able to deal with all these up in the air things.  to manage tons of details in different directions.  but i am just tired at this point.  i look forward to my life being stable soon.  that would be just great.

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