that was an amazing speech.  at first, going into detail about 9/11 was weird, but then it just hit the spot.  talking about america never being at a war with islam and to identify osama as a serial killer.  to end with the quote from the pledge of allegiance “We are one nation, under god, indivisible for liberty and justice for all.”  ok, i could have done without the “under god” but another time for that fight.  a great speech.  but i am nervous.  i really hope they DON’T show any pictures.  yes, he was a their leader, though i don’t know how much he was leading but still.  who will we make mad?  and how will they reciprocate?  or will they?  or what?  anyhow, it is a big day but the future is still unknown.

p.s. just found a mistake on Doc Martin.  subcutaneous injections aren’t given at a 90 degree angle!  ketoacidosis is cool though.

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