what would i do?

i failed another exam today. it was HER test. her questions make no sense. everyone was confused. why don’t they do an analysis of grades on different teachers tests?  statistics will show that HER exams are the ones that students struggle with.  and that says something about HER too.  but more importantly, what will i do?  if i fail this course i am out of the program.  it’s over then.  what do i do then?  i have no security in life.  i have no support system.  yes, i have friends and family, but they can’t get me a job.  i applied for jobs for a YEAR and got 3 interviews.  i am not much more hopeful that it will be any better.  i am over qualified.  i can’t even get regular accounting people to reply to my applications.  this was my plan.  and if i don’t ace the final, which isn’t likely if i failed the first and this test.  i don’t think i am dumb, i just think they don’t test how i think.  and i haven’t been able to adjust.  i am going to try really hard.  i am going to try and just memorize stuff.  but that doesn’t work well for me.  i associate things, i don’t just spit stuff out.  what will happen to me if i fail this program?  how will i take care of myself going forward?

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