meh test.

i have a test on the peripheral vascular system tomorrow.  i actually like this system a lot.  can’t really explain why besides i enjoy the sophistication of the system.  it seems pretty cut and dry too.  the patient base isn’t that exciting though.  old-men who haven’t taken care of themselves (or have REALLY bad genes.)  i feel like i really understand this topic but a certain someone is writing the test and she just comes up with the most random questions.  i especially dread questions on medications.  this summer i need to come up with a standard flash card for meeds and start learning them all.  as i understand, the NCLEX is very drug heavy  of course, i have to pass this semester first.  and i am very worried about that.  for med surg i am at 79.5%  not a lot of buffer there.  i really need a study partner, but no one that i think would be compatible is interested.  i know i should outline each chapter and then read and then ad notes.  but it is so boring!  i fall asleep attempting it.  a few friends have suggested medication to help me focus.  honestly though, that scares me.  but i need to find a way to study better, and i am just not sure what it is right now.  right now i just need to make it through this term.  perhaps before summer session starts, i can figure something out.  i think i will just read my chapter now.

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