cardio rocks

we are studying peripheral vascular disease right now.  and though it is my least favorite instructor, i am really digging the topic.  it is just kind of fascinating the subtleties of how the system works and what can go wrong.  i am a little frustrated that my book doesn’t go into enough detail on the topic.  i keep getting to the end of paragraphs and find myself asking why.  which is not what nursing is about.  *sigh*.  still, occluding arteries and veins and how to treat them (balloons to push stuff out of the way, and rototillers, essentially, to bore out the plaque!) is really amazing.  though we i think about cardio, it doesn’t thrill me that much. the science is so cool.  perhaps a post-surgical ward or an ICU with cardio patients.  it’s the detail that is so cool in this case.  of course, i am pretty excited about psych this summer too.  oncology in the spring?

holy crap!  arcattack! this is a group of guys that make music using giant tesla coils.  wow.  just wow.  i bought a necklace with a picture of tesla on it (from secret oktober!) and someone i was talking to asked me if i was familiar with these guys.  words escape me.  this is just SO nerd cool!

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