gotta love politicians with a sense of humor:

A bipartisan group of legislators won’t give up on Oregon

i have been busy. which seems dumb to say at this point. we all know that. i asked my clinical instructor if she would let me know, at the end of the term, whether she thought i could be a nurse or not. she said she already knew. she said i would be a great nurse because i was methodical. i have had other teachers say i was methodical. she thought research would be a good place for me. she thought the ICU would be good because i love numbers and it is all about your patient’s numbers. that was reassuring. and it is getting easier. i am starting to make the connections. especially with labs (numbers). and i really like it. i just need to pass my classes. i am still at C level in meg surg. need to do well on the next exam AND the final. the final will be cumulative. that worries me a bit suddenly. i will have like 5 days to study for it though.

going to New Orleans for amerivespa! riding my scooter with sue ellen and mark anderson. very excited! it will be my first big ride. i have a support truck and driver now. ross is loaning me his truck and christine is going to drive. i still need to determine the route and i am nervous about that. i am worried about my scooters blowing up too. but it will be a great adventure no matter what. patrick says that Blue might be fixed by the time for the rally too. that would be exciting.

i was wondering recently why i don’t get much email. people to email me and ask me to dinner. it feels weird. i don’t think that it is that i am not thought of fondly. i am just not thought of that way. but why? is that a deficiency in me? i’d like people to email me and say they want to have dinner. i get invited to lots of events. though i have been worried it is because people find me heavy. people always have. of course, in a crisis, or for advice, i am one of the first people they think of. which i appreciate and enjoy. i like helping people. i spend a lot of my time helping people. but i have wondered, is there something wrong? and then i started telling my friend katie about it. and it dawned on me, it is that multi-crowd thing again. i am on the edge of crowds, never in the middle. my crowds like me and i enjoy all my crowds, but since i am not always there, they don’t always think of me individually. which totally makes sense. and with nursing school, i am just so busy. so, when i graduate, i am going to try and spend more time with people one-on-one. i’d like that.

KS project team is going slowly. few people have signed up for gathering decorations. that is the part i am the most worried about. lots of help on everything else. which is TOTALLY awesome. it will be nice to have other people that feel responsible for what is going on at the party. i look forward to it. i look more forward to school being done. then i can look forward to the party.

here is a picture of blue!
(my new webpage is doing very strange things. it keeps deleting the video when i save and go back into the file. the photo of blue is wrapping around the previous blog too. i just think all this stuff has to wait until i get out of school. got a pre-mature bee in my bonnet over the topic)

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