well, that was a surprise

i got about 4 hours of sleep last night.  i was dreading going into the VA.  i didn’t want to be verbally abused all day.  and then i wasn’t.  none of us were (it wasn’t only me, it was everyone that got equally abused).  i was supported.  i learned new things.  things were explained to me in ways that made sense.  it was AWESOME!  if it is going to be like that, i can totally do this.  if i am going to be supported in my learning, i can TOTALLY get this nurse thing down.  because it just takes practice and support.

it was such an awesome day i was stunned when it was suddenly time to be done.  celebratory sushi!  took the mo-ski and met anderson, adrienne and darren.  it was a lovely dinner and they were greatly amused by my story about watching porn as a family.  then i walked home (cause i had comfort food for breakfast as i was dreading the day so much) with a pit stop at thunderbird for coffee and reading.  a great day all around.  if we can keep this up, it will be May 2012 in no time!

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