Daily Archives: March 31, 2011

howdy partner

sorry i didn’t have time to talk tuesday or wednesday night. i was doing a nursing thing. so glad to be at home with you this evening.  tell me how things have been for you lately? *insert discussion of partner’s last couple of days and anything on their mind here…feel free to add it in the comments section*.  well, i played nurse heather to my friend renee last night and today.  she had a shunt inserted in her ear canal for a problem with vertigo.  she was a very easy patient.  we talked, i convinced her to eat something, she slept.  no complications and only a need for ibuprofen.  didn’t even need to hit the hard stuff.  it was hardly a true nursing event.  mostly i was there in case anything went wrong.  it didn’t.  that’s good.

went to the border’s in town that is closing in hopes to get a rosetta stone for 50% off.  guess a bunch of other people had thought of that before me.  *sigh*.  i really want to learn a second language fluently.  and i think rosetta stone is my best hope.  but it is SO expensive!  i keep meaning to call the company and ask how many machines you can load it on.  i mean, what if you have multiple machines at home?  in that case i might be able to share it with someone, thus splitting the cost.  of course, i have enough homework now as it is.  i should wait until i graduate.  but if it was going to be 50% off, well… even though that was a fail, i stopped by the mac store because my machine was telling me to get my battery serviced (strange message).  they were able to squeeze me in though i didn’t have an appointment AND the replacement battery was free.  so that’s cool.

and old internet friend wrote me today.  he said “Are you moving from crisis to crisis? No!”  obviously he doesn’t think my life is one crisis after another, but, i know other people sort of think of it that way.  which is odd, cause i don’t think of it that way.  i have a lot of hurdles.  a lot of annoying things get thrown in my path (like my insurance payment not being set-up with the IRS yet, therefore i had to pay $460 again this month) but i don’t see them as crisis.  and though i want to talk about them, express my annoyance with another stupid thing going on, i don’t think of it as crisis and i don’t expect it to slow down my life.  yes i am VERY tired of all this crap (totally expecting my financial aid to be messed up again in fall, for instance) but it is just the way it goes.  so, for those of you that may read my blog and think “wow, heather just has all these crisis!” i don’t.  this is just my life.  and though i love the emotional support that many of you offer, it’s just how it is.  that’s all.

seems like that was more eloquent in my mind when i was thinking about writing it.

at the same time, today i really wished i just had a job.  i just want some security.  everything in my life is unsure, everything.  having a job would at least mean feeding myself going forward.  right now, that is a limited endeavor.  i know it is just a year and 6 weeks.  2 of those months i even get off.  but damn, am i tired of this.

tomorrow is my first long day at the VA.  i have a lot to say about it.  but i feel like i shouldn’t post anything.  anyhow.  think good thoughts for me.

i am hoping for a quiet weekend.  some coffee shop study time, i think.