Men in My Life

Welcome to
The Men in My Life!

Get your mind out of the
gutter. It’s just my flamboyant way of showing off my male
friends. They are people worth knowing too!

They are listed in the order I took or received the picture.
I’ve listed whether they are available to date or not. If
you are interested, drop me a mail and I’ll set something

And here he is,
my man! Here you see Patrick Sherman Owens being
typically Patrick in two different contexts. First,
on the left, at the local electronics stuff store
getting a few “necessities”. And on the right, at
our local Tony and Guy’s getting his hair done (‘Of
course I’m a natural blonde!’)

This is Siva, Tax IT dude extraordinaire,
at his 29th b-day party in the lovely UK! Seems like a sensible
party, right?

This is Siva, Tax IT dude extraordinaire,
at his 29th b-day party in India! Seems like a a rockin’, kick-ass
party, hey? Why on earth would anyone party anywhere else? (ok,
it isn’t actually his b-day party but i thought it was funny)

is it ok if I eat those chips?’ (John, the
temporary roommate…we do like him

Is this dude cool, or what?

Norbert is about the coolest nerd in management I
know. A rebel all the way. He is my ‘socially
abused as a kid only to become WAY cooler than the
jocks’ kin. I wish I could take him and his awesome
wife Monica back to the States with me.

This is him. My
main Latte man, Dominik Moarefi. In fact the cafe
is called Dominik’s Segafredo. He makes a great
Latte. Actually the best we have found in
Stuttgart. Segafredo rocks. The girl who works in
the morning is super nice too. I gave her a
chocolate chip cookie one morning and she said she
would make me some Spaghetti Bolognese. Anyhow, we
really appreciate the pleasant buzzed status
Dominik keeps us at. We only wish he were open
later and on Sundays. Oh well.
Here we have
Raj. Raj was a severally underpaid intern at HP.
His first desk was in a “converted” trash area. He
recently completed his internship and has gone back
to Canada to look for a real job. Um, Raj, real
job…Canada…hey? But seriously, Raj is a very
cool guy even if this picture is entitled “Raj the
Commie”. He is also available to date and I am sure
would be willing to relocate out of Canada to be
with you. He wears Hugo Boss suits sometimes
This is Marco
Bodio. He was in my last workgroup. As you can see
he really appreciates my cookies (there is a
Tupperware container of them in front of him.) He
is a very cool guy and is excellent boyfriend
material (except he’s taken).
This is Oliver
Schwieckhardt. He was lucky enough to be my project
manager on LDMP. Thanks for not killing me,

Married with a
lovely wife and two wonderful children. Better him
than me.

This is Heinz
Winkel. We have a work relationship that would
probably get us in trouble in the US. Of course it
is strictly business. Anyhow, he is looking VERY
German today in his leather vest.

Married, with a
lovely wife he has never bothered to introduce me
to and “the greatest child ever”. (I think Oliver
may disagree with you on that one Heinz)

This is Stefan
Guertler. What can I say about Stefan? He would
make great boyfriend material EXCEPT for his habit
of arguing about bands. I guess some girls could
over look that. I use to sit next to him and he
misses me harassing him. Here you go

available unless he is hiding something from me. In
which case, I will smack him.

Here we have
Mario Palmer also known as The Angry German. The
reason this picture is fuzzy is he is so angry he

Why is he so
angry you ask? Because he’s from Dunkel Deutschland
(mail me if you want to know what that means)!
Being that he has been forced into the light of the
West, he is a bit bitter at the loss of his great
Socialist State. By the way, he knows more about
American gov’t than most Americans.

He recently
purchased a home with his girl friend (thus
obviously unavailable). Remember Mario, if you were
still in Dunkel-land you couldn’t own that lovely

This is Bill
Clark. He use to be my coworker but has recently
returned to the lovely state of Idaho, in the US
with his wife Sheryl. Very nice people who always
came to our parties though didn’t stay long. Bill
was not an early morning person, just like me. That
was cool. He helped me a lot when I moved to IT and
I appreciated it.
Here we have
Emmanuel last name French and I can’t pronounce it
so like hell I will be able to spell it. I should
work on that. He is in my workgroup as well but
looks different than Bill above for one big reason,
he just got his new Audi TT.

Emmanuel got ride of the TT because it was a tad
expensive and his new girlfriend can kick your ass
because she studies Tae Kwon Do, so don’t mess with
the French dude.

Hi Matthias!
His last name is Michael. Confusing huh? I witness
a number of visiting Americans call his Michael. I
assume this is because they recognize it as a first
name and are confused by Matthias. How typically

Isn’t this a
great picture of him? I just walked up and he was
ready for it. I told him he could have a copy if he
wanted to change the picture on his badge. But you
know what? That is a great picture too. Naturally
photogenic. Don’t know about status. Will

This is Scott
Faude. He use to be in my “extended

In my
opinion, and a number of other ladies in the
department, Scott is the cutest guy we’ve got. But
now he is leaving to go work for his dad. Bummer.
Also, Scott is a Mutt. His Dad is German, his Mom
is American, his Grandfather is Spanish and his
Grandmother is Irish. I think maybe when I first
said he was a Mutt he might of been offended. I
hope not though because I think it is very cool to
be so diverse. My parents are just Americans,

He has a French
girlfriend who is a midwife but he doesn’t get up
with her in the middle of the night when she gets
called. Oh well. At least he is cute.

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