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Hair Content

Long live pink hair!

to be honest, there was purple hair inbetween the red
below and the red to the side. No pictures though. Sorry
about that…

I loved my last hair do, but you know me. Can’t stay
the same. Have to try something else. Something RED

The picture
really doesn’t do it justice. It is just a brilliant
colour. Hair styling will commence once the colour is

I LOVE this hair. Soon I will be able to wear it in pigtails too.

Can you believe I have brown hair? With just a bit of pink and bright red to go along with it. Subtle (for me) but still bright.

my way back to a bob, think the hair is dead though.
Have to start over next time. Back to the pixie.

is a bit more punk rock than I normally like to go,
but it is vibrant colour for summer…

pretty purple! Kate kicked butt this time. Lots of purple
that I am super happy with and is very popular. A brilliantly
glowing colour…

(see don’t need
such a large picture since the purple just screams in
the sun)

Here we have my Care
Bear Wish Bear blue! It really was a fabu colour, but
I just didn’t have anything I could wear with it…on
not a lot. Normally, this would be a joyous moment,
but we all know I don’t shop like I use to anymore…

usual, I lost another cutter, but Christof
(did I spell that right?) has stepped up
to the plate and done a spectacular job.
He has a thing (he andd Figen the
colourist, that is) for shapes. This time
a crown! I’m the Princess!

The front
it important too…

And, of
course, you have to have the man

are cool but high maintenance and rather,
um, butch. I like to do cute better. So
back to the salon. Toby was completely

then, Juergen left me. Yep, he just up and
moved to Muenchen without even saying
anything! Bastard! How could he?! I was
the best customer a Friseur could have!
Anyhow, I am now happily seeing Toby
(picture coming soon). He helped me cut
most of my hair off and go Mohawk for the
first time. It is a challenging hair cut
but I’m up for it. I feel a bit butch

Phillip, Figen and I hanging out and bein’

We call
this the Spiderman Edition. Juergen is
just SO

I think
this do is better without glasses
actually. Too bad I can’t see

the rightfrom
the left

Cool, eh?
(see Henry Rollins in the

is going through a line phase. Cool, hey?
Got Elvis on my shoulder too.

and Heather have free time on their hands,
so what do they do? Put Heather’s hair in
dozens of pig tails!

This is Juergen my
He is super brilliant. He is sporting a growing
mohawk type look. Use to have sort of a shag but
got one of the new ‘strip of hair’ cuts from last
Spring’s Tony & Guy line. Two other guys in the
salon had cuts from that series too. Very cool. But
of course now he deals with the outgrowth. How to
take him home with me???

Vera the
colourist. She left the business but it wasn’t my

Patrick and I
coloured this ourselves. I have learned the secret
to long lasting extremely coloured hair, don’t wash
it very much. Though the colour has faded, it has
stuck well because I only use shampoo twice a week.
I do wet it everyday, so just don’t stand too

Juergen calls this
“you cut it yourself”. It is supposed to look like
I randomly snipped pieces. He also referenced the
musical “cats” when referring to the two pointy
parts. Works for me. Next week I am having it dyed
pink to match the dress I am wearing to Brett’s
wedding. So check back. (yes I realize my skin
looks like hell, I am becoming a regular at the


Matthias did an
amazing job hand painting the red in the blond
streaks I had left over from the Leopard spots.
Some of the tips even fade to blonde. This was the
plan and beautifully executed.

And this, my
friends, is Matthias, my colorist from Tony and Guy
here in Stuttgart.

Being that I am
sick and tired of my colorists leaving me (I’m
starting to take it personally) we made a deal
today that I won’t leave Stuttgart until he does.
Wait a minute, that doesn’t work?

is a full length picture of me on my first day with
Leopard Spots. Notice the J. Crew sweater, Gap
Khakis and Addidas trainers.

and Prep!

Obliterating the
social barriers, one hairdo at a

For whatever
reason, I am able to take over the shoulder shots
without a dorky smile. At least I think

A closer look at
Joerg’s Leopard Spots.

This is the first
colour I got after the famous “let’s cut all your
hair off” incident.

The people of
Chico, CA loved it (though I got it done in
Germany). My mom didn’t like the off-center stripe
(trust me).

The slippers are a
pre-cursor to the Leopard Spotted hair.

At Vince’s in
Chico – Before

Vince’s in Chico – After

And this is
Vince! Cool huh?

With Sabine as my
translator…Joerg made me go from

…to this! In

And once upon
a time, long long ago, I was still a hair freak…
Santa Barbara like 1995?


i am trying really hard to be positive. it has been really hard lately. clinical seems like a disaster every single day. i always get something wrong (nothing deadly). why can’t my teachers say something nice once in a while? i did pass my nutrition assignment. i was slightly worried about that. got an 81 (which is a C) but that is TOTALLY fine. so i guess that is a good thing, though i realize that sounds funny.

got a copy of my health ins bill today. i am attempting the last step in signing up for my health care credit. but it looks like the document i got from blue shield/blue cross doesn’t have the data i need. AND they don’t have a document that does. i’ll have to call the IRS tomorrow to see whether this will suffice or what can be done. kinda funny (in a bad way) that i get this close and get stuck in the middle between two massive companies.

today i doubted whether i could finish this program. sounds odd, but it is a temperament thing. i am very uncomfortable “bugging” my clients. the other staff just gets it done. but i am very hesitant. and that seems to equate to failure. on my assignments, i get excellent grades on the analytical stuff. but the practical stuff, not so much. is this going to work? if i finish the program will i be good enough to be a real nurse? or will i know just enough to be dangerous? i am really enjoying what i am learning. it is fascinating and amazing. but is it right for me? am i right for it? this is different than my project in germany. my fear there was missing something so other people failed because my error. this is different. this is my teachers saying to me “heather, you just aren’t right”. i am sure i can pass the tests. but nursing isn’t just tests. it isn’t even mostly tests. will i be successful?

i would really like a partner right now. i would like someone i can come home to and share all my fears and cry on their shoulder, have them console me (maybe review some flash cards) and then enjoy the evening with. enjoy the evening knowing they love and support me. that they can sympathize with my struggles without taking them on, enabling them to be strong for me. it seems that patrick was thinking those things (especially during that project) but didn’t really say anything. andreas has said he can’t hear my bad without taking it on. and then that brings him down. third times a charm? i’d like someone that would love me no matter what. who would hug me and then make me dinner (which can simply be putting the organic tv dinner into the microwave) i’ve tried to carry people when they were down, why won’t anyone offer me the same? is it not reasonable to want that? isn’t really that hard? maybe it is and it is just a talent i have.