today made me sad. school is frustrating and i wish i had a shoulder to lean on. someone to nap with. i did decorations shopping for KS. that cheered me up a bit. i think deep in my brain it doesn’t realize this one isn’t going to be the same. i did find out that i am a story told to all new party city employees. i am that girl who rented a helium tank and took it home in a miata, roof down, seat belt on. they were happy to hear i have a mini now. though they thought the fact is wasn’t a convertible was going to be a problem. we will see on march 12th.

my brain hurts from studying. it is all a blur at this point. i took the afternoon and evening off because i just couldn’t focus anymore. went to perry’s steak house with my friend fred. he was feeling he wanted to enjoy finer dining again and most of his friends are couples. i was a practice date too. since it had been a while. thing is, i don’t know if i was suppose to give him feedback or not. since we have been friends for a while (and went on a couple of dates years ago) it is sort of hard to be sure. i mean, he knows me. so is this how he would be on a first date? i had a good time and the food was amazing. we talked about designing and building things. tattoos. getting hit by cars. nursing. his job at txdot. a nice evening.

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