i baked a cake

instead of going to bedpost confessions last night, i baked a coffee cake for my roommate. i watched the australia soft-core porn show “satisfaction” while doing it. does that count?

besides being alive and having a home, baking the cake was the positive high point for my week. i found out i am not eligible for the new TAA petition, so my UI will run out in July or so. my financial aid got screwed up, again. i get my final tax amount today (tax guy said i was right about the amount, so i expect it to be between $6K and $10K). i did find out that my healthcare program hasn’t be canceled, just the improvements made in 2009. the feds will pay 65% of my premium now, instead of 80% (but at least i will be insured). there was that test i failed because a) i wasn’t prepared properly (wow, did i study the wrong thing) and b) the ice on the roads freaked me out PLUS the announcement that school was closed immediately, due to ice, but we still had to finish the test made it hard to concentrate. went to the therapist and became aware of some rough realities. OH! i did have lunch with my friend katie, that was nice. and i got my hair cut. that was fabu. just a bunch of unpleasant life hurdles otherwise. ick. these are the moments in life i wish i had someone to lean on. of course, people like that don’t just appear. it takes a long time to build that sort of trust and love. certainly there are people in my life that fit the bill, but it is tough all over these days. we do what we can every day. and have no fear (as much as possible) cause we’ll make it kids. it’s just a long road.

this weekend in the corset ball at elysium. i am going to wear my pink basque from agent provocateur. that will be nice. i wish it were warm enough to ride my pink scooter. maybe i will anyway. all i need is multiple coats.

a question for anyone medically inclined that might read my blog. i seem to take a REALLY long time to heal completely these days. wounds close, but the spot where the would was remains red for MONTHS. any ideas what this might indicate?

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