not a bad day

today was the first day of clinicals. my location smells more medical than the last one, but the LVNs are AWESOME and i even got to clean a PEG tube and apply a bandage today. mrs nevin’s is going to be a great instructor too. just a lot to do.

when i got home, i took a nap, then started homework, baked bread, went to the gym and read on the treadmill. read for a hour and a half on the treadmill! didn’t get as much done as i needed, but there are only so many hours in a day and i do the best i can.

oh! went to financial aid today. sure enough, the only problem was something didn’t “check the box” saying i was good to go. they apologized, which makes it ok. i just needed them to admit they made an error. i need the money, but i have other options to pay my bills that are due until it comes in. if i were going to be late with my bills, i would be less understanding, i am sure. but i also know, no process is perfect. human error is always a possibility. and i doubt they have double check steps at temple college. i don’t want to have to triple check these things, cause i just don’t want to live in that world. but maybe i have too. i am just glad it is worked out.

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