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it is annoying that since i can quickly post stuff to FB, i am getting lazy about heathershair. heathershair is so much more! i mean, seriously, what i have posted on FB lately consists of:

18 Jan 2039: gym done! must complete reading now. it is making more sense. but i found a conflict in the text.
20 Jan 1328:

20 Jan 1352: just as i expected…i was denied healthcare by United Healthcare for an individual policy. reason? unexplained migraines. and so…to the state i go… (that was the beginning of a really bad day. all sorts of things went wrong after this post)
22 Jan 1304: oh Temple Nursing classmates….an awesome video about our future!!!

22 Jan 1651: i wish i hadn’t read this. republicans hate the poor like valdemort hates muggles. a very canny set of cuts
24 Jan 1306: Nap. Then studying for tomorrow’s test. Then gym. Then more studying. You can check with me later. I swear that is the plan.
24 Jan 1711: Temple College is disabling my ability to forward my school email to my personal account. WHY? Because SOME people missed important mails when the forward failed. So punish us all?!
24 Jan 2128: Went to the gym just like I said I would. Now for that last blast of studying!
24 Jan 2054: Nurse Heather* with another satisfied patient! (*not an actual nurse yet) with the following photo:

see? not terribly exiting. but it takes the wind out of me to post little things there. btw, i have gotten up at 5:30 am the last two days. crazy, eh? though i don’t have class until 8 tomorrow, i am going to TRY and get up at 5:30 again and go to the gym. we’ll see.

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