the bookstore was open

i figured, with the campus closed, the bookstore would be closed. but it wasn’t! and i got all my books! i know, not earth shattering, but awesome. my days aren’t terribly earth shattering these days.

i did bake 87 cupcakes today. ate 2 with frosting, one with out. the rest go to my classmates tomorrow. we start IVs this week. that should be interesting.

i have quite the perfect domestic thing going on here in belton. everything has its place. i bake. i make organic tv dinners for dinner. i fill my bento box for lunch tomorrow. bought an extra blanket for the bed today at target. wanna turn down the heater to save money. i like this little life. were school not going to start tomorrow, i would get bored, that’s for sure. but, for the occasional day like this, and to make my life easier, this order and simplicity is nice. it while make the chaos that starts tomorrow easier. i hope.

i meant to say something else stimulating. can’t remember now. getting old’s a bitch.

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