the holiday season

i keep asking people what they are doing for the christian god’s birthday. i only ask this of people i know are not strictly devote. me? i am planning of having dim sum with the atheists, and if i can’t find them, i am going to have chinese. then i am going dancing at elysium. i think it is awesome that non-holiday celebrants are getting more things to do on this christian holy day. ross and i are going to make bread too.

kinda bored. having a hard-time motivating. there are things i need to do, like estimate my taxes, but i just don’t want to do anything but eat. have done some time at secret oktober. doing more tomorrow. so that gets me out of bed at least. need to go check on the scooters too. they haven’t been started in too long. updated addresses today. called unitedhealthcare. my policy (health and dental) are $548/mo. no way i will be able to maintain that after cobra is over. andreas has kindly offered to make some phone calls for me. i am figuring i can afford like $175/mo (which was my subsidized amount that ended in Nov). but with my friend Troy in rehab, looking at a number of months until fully recovered (though only a couple of weeks in rehab) i want to be sure i have coverage if something similar happens to me (another car crossed the center line and hit him head on). it is frustrating though. i think i deserve healthcare. and yet, i am not guaranteed a policy until 2014. let alone one i can afford. we will see.

saw tron. impressed. the sound track kicked ass. there is this awesome scene where they are in a club and the bad guys show up. fighting ensues. the DJs (both in full helmets) look at each other, nod and change the beat to match the fighting groove. and the furniture in jeff bridges really cool hide-out is all philip stark. nice taste.

i am sort of proud of my congress these days. this lame duck session has been nothing of the sort. a lot of very important legislation has been passed. it hasn’t all been passed in formats that i appreciate, but i understand compromises are required on some things. gay marriage, not so much. but one step at a time.

i have a photo of myself in my vintage nurses uniform, but i am not completely happy with it. others have had VERY positive things to say. but i want to try for something i am more happy with. if it takes too long, i promise to just post it

went roller skating last night and i am not horrible sore. surprising.

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